Asian Development Group LLC(美国亚洲发展集团)

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Retail Analyst
Asian Development Group LLC(美国亚洲发展集团)
所属行业:房地产开发/建筑与工程 热门搜索 应届生简历 广州招聘 广州兼职 深圳招聘 武汉招聘 成都招聘 招聘网 天津招聘 职位详情
招聘机构: 上海总部 企业所在地: 上海 上海 职位性质: 全职
招聘人数: 2 人 工作部门: 发展部 接受简历: 不限
职能职位: 建筑/房地产/装饰装修/物业管理 - 房地产开发/策划
发布时间: 2008年03月04日 截至时间: 2008年04月03日
工作地点: 上海
职位说明: Job Responsibilities:
Market Research/Due Diligence Work
Public Relations
Assistance to team members and other teams

Prefer major related to real estate and retail
Hard worker
Team Spirit
Out going personality
Willing to work under pressure
Willing to travel
Self motivation/Discipline
Quick learner

Education & Skills
Real estate major/ related majors
Bachelor degree
Good at both oral & written English

Undergraduate is preferred, need some time for internship.

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Asian Development Group LLC (ADG) is a private international real estate investment and development firm operated by a seasoned team of real estate professionals. Our China operations are led from our representative office in Shanghai. Principles of our group have over 65 years of collective commercial investment and real estate development experience in the U.S., Mexico, Australia, Singapore and in 20 markets in China.

The principles of the ADG team have been involved in corporate, portfolio, development and complex property transactions around the world with a market value in excess of US$2 billion. The group’s real estate experience includes investment, development and management in the retail, industrial, office, hotel and self-storage sectors. The principles have developed over 12.2 MSF of commercial real estate projects.

ADG China Strategy is to engage in retail real estate investment and development, asset management and capital management in specific target markets throughout China. The company will focus on deploying capital into retail developments th


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