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Welcome to Careers with HSBC China

Banker Development Programme in China

HSBC China Banker Development Programme (BDP) offers graduates a unique opportunity to build a successful career as a specialist banker. The 18-month programme is designed to provide exposure to various banking businesses, and with the potential for development to a senior management career.



The BDP family includes the following specific programmes

Corporate Banking

Commercial Banking

Personal Financial Services

Global Transaction Banking

Operations and Processing



Each programme will provide you with dynamic and challenging classroom training, on-the-job training and attachments across a wide range of banking functions in mainland China as well as a specific attachment in the Asia Pacific region. This experience will allow you to build the managerial and technical skills needed for future development into more senior management roles in our mainland China business. There are also opportunities to be nominated to attend a demanding but highly rewarding classroom training program in the HSBC Group Training Centre in the UK.

Your aspirations should be to take on management responsibility early in your career. Given our strategic plan and commitment to being the leading foreign bank in China, the opportunities for development into management of our China business are exceptional.

As an international organisation, HSBC offers you the possibility of working almost anywhere in the world, although it is expected that the specialist knowledge you gain of the fast-emerging China market will ideally place you for career development in the Mainland.



Qualification Requirements

To be considered for a place in our Banker Development Programme, you must be highly proficient in English as well as Mandarin and have a Bachelor degree or a post-graduate qualification. Applicants with two to three years’ working experience will also be considered.













每个培训生计划为您提供富有动力和挑战的课堂培训、在职培训,以及在中国大陆和其它亚太区城市和地区参与各种核心职能业务的机会。这些经历将建立您将来在汇丰成为高级管理人员所需的管理和技术技能。 您更有机会被挑选参加一个在英国汇丰集团培训中心举办,高标准但回报丰厚的课堂培训计划。








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