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  English Language Specialist at BrightCloud, Inc.

  Company Description:

  BrightCloud, Inc. is a California based web-filtering and web-security company, whose main objective is to provide security vendors with hosted security services that extend the value propositions of web filtering across the internet's Long Tail of the 450 million Websites visited by enterprise customers

  Job description:

  1. PAID training

  2. Part time (Minimum 20 hours per week)

  3. PROMOTIONAL chance

  4. Flexible time and location

  5. Accurately Categorizes lists of provided Internet sites.

  6. Open immediately


  1. Fluent in English, TEM-8 is a must.

  3. 招商银行两岸一卡通 is a plus


  DOE (depend on experience)

  Please send your CV(with your name and university in the title) to:

  Nadine ZENG


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