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欧瑞康(上海)有限公司针对不同专业的文理科在校本科生,硕士生和博士生,推出不同事业部的实习岗位,时间为3-6个月。在2007年,欧瑞康(上海)有限公司共招收31名实习生,目前除正在实习的8名实习生外,已有12名成为欧瑞康正式员工, 雇佣率达到52%, 特别是在技术部门,实习生转正的比例高达75%。
· Coating Engineer 镀膜工程师 (Thin film coating 光学镀膜/Optical 光学/
  Materials 材料学)
· Optical Engineer 光学工程师 (Optical Engineering 光学工程)
· Lead Operator 生产领班 (Chemistry 化学/Mechanical 机械/Electronics 电子)
· Customer Support Engineer 客服工程师 (Mechanical 机械/Electronics 电子/
  Software 软件)
· Coordinator 部门助理(Management 管理类/English 英语
· Customer Support Engineer 客服工程师 (Mechanical 机械/Electronics 电子)
· Are undergraduate or fresh Bachelor, Master or Doctor Degree holder
· Have excellent academic record, good character, good grasp of specialized knowledge
· Have strong organizing and social skills
· Are fluent in English and have the CET6 certificate
· Are ready to take a challenging job in a dynamic environment
· Are proactive and result oriented
· to work with teams.

… then send your resume according to division and your major to
Please mail your resume before our deadline 1st. Jan of 2008
We are looking forward to have you on board!

Address: Oerlikon (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Human Resource Dept.
33# Building, No.76 Fu Te Dong San Road,
Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Pudong, Shanghai
Post Code: 200131
Website: www.oerlikon.com


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